Wamicode Data Privacy

Wamicodes mantains the privacy of your data in a secure system, passwords are encrypted and can not be decrypted, and your data are independent of the user key. But we wants also to give you the possibility to share with yours friends only the restricted part of your data that you want to share.

Wamicodes wants yo assure that the data that you store in the WAMICODE are available for the right users for this reason, you can modify some of the privacity values to be shared

Global Features:

    A catch up is requested when a a user read your WamiCode (QR)

    You accept WAMICODES mailings about new features and improvements

About the privacy of your data. You will share the following data when people read your WAMICODE:

    Organization name

    Job Title



    Mobile Phone

    Electronic Mail Address




    Location Text

    Picture or Photo

    Skype name

    Linkedin name

    Twitter name

    Facebook name